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Supporting First Responders and Their Families



About The ForBadges Story

ForBadges is an Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit corporation that was formed in 1999 as Badge2Badge with the mission to provide funds to police officers of the Los Angeles police department and their families who have experienced traumatic situations and need urgent financial assistance. In 2020 the mission was expanded to include all first responders and their families, and therefore the name was broadened to ForBadges.

What We Do At ForBadges

image of EMT first responders in Los Angeles

ForBadges has assisted first responders and families who have been affected by traumatic situations by providing funds to help with funeral expenses when the family was unable to bury the loved one; provided necessary medical equipment for family members such as specialized wheel chairs, walkers and a mobility van.  We have paid for needed medical care when not covered by insurance, assisted with buying food as well as assisting with housing and transportation costs during a financial crisis.  We have also provided financial counseling to the families in order for them to redevelop financial stability after dealing with their traumas.

Our Message

ForBadges wants First Responders to know they are not alone in their fight. They are loved, respected, and cherished by people all around the world and we want to make sure that they understand and feel that connection.

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Donate to show your support for our First Responders. No amount is too little.
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Contact us at: (323) 607-6875

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