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Supporting First Responders and Their Families

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We thank everybody who leaves us a review on what we do, it not only helps our organization out a lot, but shows us that what we are doing is working and positively affecting many first responders out there!

Image of a child in fire chief outfit in front of first responders

My younger teenage brother died as the result of an accident.  My family was not able to pay for his burial costs and we did not know where to turn for help.  My department does not have an assistance program to help in these situations.  I was referred to ForBadges and they paid for us to have a funeral for him.  My family and I are very grateful for the help.

I am a police officer. My wife and I had good jobs and we were financially stable but that all changed when our son was born.  Our son was born with severe birth defects.  My wife had to quit her job and take care of him.  We also had to hire nurse’s aides for 24/7 help taking care of Jimmy Junior.  We ran out of money and were scrambling to keep our house. Someone introduced us to ForBadges and we were given assistance to carry on until we could get financially organized.  ForBadges saved us from losing our home.

image of LA police officer
Image of a person getting taken into a first responder helicopter

I am a civilian employee at the department and my adult son became brain damaged in a motorcycle accident.  He needs 24 hour care and special equipment to care for him.  His wife could not deal with the tragedy and we had to bring him home.  We ended up losing our house while paying for his care. ForBadges helped us move into another home that we were able to outfit with the necessary ramps, bathing equipment, etc.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The police department referred me and my wife to one of their financial counselors after we lost our home.  We ended up moving into a one bedroom apartment that was a roof over our heads but not much more than hat.  When he learned that we have special needs child and that my wife developed a rare blood disease and could not work, he sent us to ForBadges. They helped us get special medical help for our daughter, a mobility van to transport her in her wheelchair and into a two bedroom apartment.  Our marriage was really suffering as a result of all the pressure we were under.  Today, we are a very happy family and our daughter is improving.

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